Speed and accuracy through technology

Our Surveying firm has been operating in Queensland since Cyril Fryar Bennett, Licensed Surveyor (1893 - 1962), began practicing over 100 years ago.

Mr Bennett's first job in 1917 involved a survey of a Girl Guides site at Cleveland. He was met at the Camp Hill tram terminus by the land owner with horse and dray and he shared the survey fee with his chain man.

Some of Mr Bennett's favourite quotes, which have remained the focus of the practice over the years were "speed and accuracy" or "hallmark of quality". The approach of the firm to clients and the services we provide remain unchanged.

Whilst we encourage traditional values and service, we are undoubtedly one of the State's leading Survey firms in the adoption and development of technology. This firm has it's own Information Technology Department, which oversees the development of custom software and hardware, ever striving to ensure the quality, timeliness and accuracy of our deliverables.

With Bennett & Francis, our customer receives the 'Best of Both Worlds', working with a traditional mindset, but receiving the benefits of cutting edge technology and work practices.

From these humble beginnings, the firm has gone on to collaborate with government and councils and some of Queensland's biggest property and infrastructure owners - in some cases for more than 50 years in the case of Westfield or The University of Queensland. We have been involved in many signature buildings and projects - Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Riverside, Waterfront Precinct and many more.

Constantly curious and driven by the desire to always make things better through legal remedies. Therefore, we do not believe in standard solutions or skipping where the fence is lowest.

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With our significant and ongoing investment in staff training and equipment, means we can offer services across the full spectrum of surveying, town planning, reality capture and laser scanning, modelling and visualisation spectrum.

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We tend to let our work and our long term relationships speak for themselves.

That said, many of our partners and staff participate at industry level via professional membership organisations, or are seen as leaders/innovators and are asked to present regularly at industry conferences. 


We have worked on many of Queensland's iconic projects - the list is extensive as is the variety of our participation.

Shopping centres, Universities and schools, infrastructure, CBD high-rises and precincts - projects ranging through the whole spectrum from small to the $1 billion+ range - and many of them over many clients for more than half a century.

A culture based on collaboration

We don't do this alone - it isn't only our client relationships that have stood the test of time, many of our fellow professionals have known the firm a long time as well.

There are few architects, engineers, solicitors, project managers, builders and more that we have not engaged with at some point or another.

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